Finding Journals

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What is a journal?

Journals are publications that are continuously published on a routine basis, often monthly or quarterly. There are popular journals intended for a general audience, like Newsweek and Rolling Stone. And, there are scholarly journals intended for an academic audience.

Journals are published in both print and online formats.


Why look for a journal?

Most journals contain articles on a designated subject area, like a particular academic discipline. It can be useful to browse journals to get an idea of what literature is being published in a particular field. For example, here are two academic journals in the field of anthropology:

JOLA cover      MAQ cover

Another reason to search for a journal is if you have a citation for an article you want to find. Here is a citation for an article in the journal Economic Geography found in the bibliography of another article.

Citation Example

[Image contains a citation that reads: Neffke, Frank, Martin Henning, and Ron Boschma. "How Do Regions Diversify Over Time? Industry Relatedness And The Development Of New Growth Paths In Regions." Economic Geography 87.3 (2011): 237-265.]

In this tutorial you will learn how to find out if Macalester has access to the issue of the journal Economic Geography that contains the article above. 

Note: To search for articles on a particular topic use a library database. A good way to find an appropriate database is through a research guide.


Where do I search for journals.

To search for journals enter the title of the journal you are looking for into the Macalester Worldcat Discovery search box on the library homepage. 

Worldcat Searchbox

Enter the title of the journal, Economic Geography, into the search box and click the search icon or press enter. 

Search icon next to search box


Search results

You should now see your search results in Macalester Worldcat Discovery. All of the results include your search terms, Economic Geography. Note that not all of them relate to the journal you are looking for. You will also find books and other types of items that contain your search terms as part of their records. The first result in the list is the record for the journal Economic Geography. Please select this record by clicking on the title of the journal. 

Search Results


How do I access the journal?

You should now be looking at a screen that allows you to see more details about the journal, including different ways to access it. Look in the Availability section to discover how you can access the journal, Economic Geography.

The article you want was published in 2011. Look at the dates next to each Access journal link to see which database(s) should contain the article.

online access links

As a reminder, here is the citation for the article you are looking for: 

Neffke, Frank, Martin Henning, and Ron Boschma. "How Do Regions Diversify Over Time? Industry Relatedness And The Development Of New Growth Paths In Regions." Economic Geography 87.3 (2011): 237-265.

The links for all of the databases listed include journal issues from 2011. Clicking on Access journal for any of these resources will take you to a new window (and out of this tutorial, so don't do it now) that has options for both searching and browsing the journal, Economic Geography, in order to find the article cited above.



  • Use Macalester Worldcat Discovery to find out if Macalester has a particular journal and how to access it.
  • Pay attention to years covered in each resource.
  • Click on Access journal in the Availability section of a journal's record in Macalester Worldcat Discovery to access journal within a particular database.