My Mac Library Account is where you can see what you have checked out, when it is due, what is "on hold" for you, and any fines you might have accrued. You can also renew Mac-owned items through this account. (Please note: if you wish to renew an interlibrary loan item, login to ILLIAD.)

To access your My Mac Library Account, use the link in Your Toolbox on the left side of the home page (towards the bottom). Or you may click on the "Renew an item" button, then choose the link to renew a Macalester-owned item. This will take you to your Mac Library Account.

Link in Your Toolbox for My Mac Library Account

At the login screen, use your Macalester username and password. (The same as you would use for Moodle.)

Worldcat Login

You will now be on a Macalester Worldcat search screen. In the upper right corner, click on "Library Links," then select "My Account."


You should see the details of your account activity.

If you encounter any problems accessing your account, please contact the service desk in the library, or AskUs.